Socialism is a political system that denies the validity of property rights. Instead, it claims that all property is communally owned. Instead of being a variant of property rights, this is an invalidation of those rights. It destroys the concept of rights by invalidating their base in human life.

Under socialism, control of property is put into the hands of society as a whole. The first effect of this is that people cannot be independent. They cannot live on their own efforts, because there goods will be stolen. This means that to live, they must act in accordance with the wishes of society. They are enslaved.

The destruction of property rights has an additional effect, though. It destroys the efficacy of one's mind. Without the freedom to act in accordance with one's rational judgments, their minds are invalidated. There is no point to thinking if one cannot act on those thoughts. Since one thinks in order to promote one's life, socialism necessarily leads to an inability to promote one's life. You are required to act against your best judgment and against your best interest.

Socialism is an evil political system. All political systems, though, rest on an ethical system. Socialism is not an exception. It rests on the moral system of collectivism. It is when collectivism is accepted as valid that socialism is possible. It is through collectivism that the crimes of socialism are ignored.

Copyright 2001 by Jeff Landauer and Joseph Rowlands