A miracle is an event that defies the laws of nature. More specifically, it defies the Law of Identity. These events are claimed to happen without worldly reason. They are often attributed to a conscious being such as a god.

Even though they are attributed to a being, miracles are still suppose to defy the Law of Identity. They are a magical event that cannot be explained or understood. If an advanced race of aliens performed acts that are beyond our ability to grasp with the amount of science we know, it would still not be considered a miracle. A miracle must defy the laws of nature, not conform to them.

The belief in miracles is the attempt to deny the Law of Identity. It is the claim that the Law of Identity may appear to be true here on earth, but elsewhere it is not so binding. The belief in miracles is an attempt to deny that reality is absolute. It is a belief in the Primacy of Consciousness. A belief that reality does not really constrain us, and if we hope enough, our whims will change the world. It is an evasion of reality.

Copyright 2001 by Jeff Landauer and Joseph Rowlands