Omnipotence is an attribute which means unlimited in power - without limitations to action. This attribute is paradoxical and can be shown as impossible through the following argument:

Question: Can an omnipotent entity, X, create a rock that X can not lift?
If yes, then X is not omnipotent; if no, then X is not omnipotent.
Therefore X is not omnipotent.

"Omnipotence" tries to define a concept only by lack of definitions. This is where is goes wrong. A concept is an integration, it takes a number of entities, abstracts away certain measurements, and ends up with a new combined whole. "Omnipotence" tries to take a concept, "ability", and integrate it with contradiction, "unbounded", which violates the axiom of identity. The result is a term which seems to mean something, but is in contradiction with reality and existence and is rationally unusable.

Copyright 2001 by Jeff Landauer and Joseph Rowlands